Twisted Pumpkin


Twisted Pumpkin is a collection of sounds gathered through numerous recording sessions of pumpkins being scraped, smashed, hit and mangled.

We used numerous recording methods and microphones including: small and large diaphragm condensers, piezos and hydrophones.  The recordings were then layered, processed, tweaked, twisted and manipulated, resulting in 257 total polished sounds!


We’ve split this collection into 2 categories:

Impacts – Single hits of processed and layered impacts that can easily be used in Sound Design and/or Musical contexts.  Try loading these into your favorite drum machine or sampler!

Twisted – These are highly processed soundscapes, hits and sequences.  With names like “Alien Mealtime” and “Robo Birth” theres no doubt that these are some unique sounds!

Full Details
48kHz/24Bit WAV files
Soundminer Metadata embedded
257 Total Samples
Impacts – 164 Samples
Twisted – 93 Samples
215.7mb total size


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